About us

Our Philosophy:
Power to the people

ConnectJob is the first mobile app that aims to connect people looking for a job to be done to jobbers all over the world based on geo localisation. ConnectJob app’s objectives are to provide a Jobber to someone in need of a service and to provide potential clients to Jobbers. It allows ease of access for customers to find what they need, right at their fingertips. In another word: people helping people.

Our Aims:
Reinvent the jobbing market

Our vision is to help the labour market with new technologies and facilitate decentralization with the support of the Blockchain community. We deeply believe in the “uberization” of businesses and the growing role of the gig economy in our society. ConnectJob will be at the heart of this new movement by acting as a unique platform to offer services needed anywhere, anytime, with validated service providers.

Our Ambition:
Be a leading and global blockchain pure player

ConnectJob aims to become a worldwide leader in its market by developing a decentralized platform for all Jobbers and users based on the Blockchain technologies. All users will have the opportunity to find Jobbers nearby using geolocation technology and an "Uber-like" counter (developed internally) for each service offered. After a successful test in Eastern Europe, the application is now ready to be launched in major cities worldwide. In this context, ConnectJob’s ICO will have two main objectives:
• Raise the funds needed to deploy the application globally
• Develop a decentralized and autonomous network between Jobbers and customers with a wide base of new features, services and transactions.

Our Team

Best-in-class team members

ConnectJob Team

This is most important part of our storytelling. The human part. We are coming from all over the world in our offices in Gibraltar and Odessa. We love dogs, nature, geek gadgets and smoothies. More than everything else we love what we do on a daily basis. And last but not least, we’re dreamers and we believe dreams come true as ConnectJob came true.

Jonathan Gueron

Co-Founder & CTO

Jonathan Gueron is the co-founder and CTO of ConnectJob. Jonathan is responsible for the Blockchain and technology departments at ConnectJob, which includes managing all the team of developers.

Yoni Assouline

Founder & CEO

Yoni Assouline is the founder and CEO of ConnectJob. Yoni Assouline is in charge of the marketing development notably deploying the application worldwide and ensuring the dayto-day business activity.

Beni Issembert


Beni is a serial web entrepreneur and cumulates 15 years of experience in management and business development, digital strategies, media sales, buying and optimization.

Mikael LALOU

Head of Marketing

Sarah Klein

Marketing Executive

Nicole Armitage

Marketing Manager

Mike Barucq

VP of Business Development

Sarah Stevens

Business Developmement Manager

Daniel Reynolds

Partners Manager

Dima Yunashev

Community Manager

Dana Levy

Community Manager


Our team is composed of qualified professionals and entrepreneurs, who are highly skilled in their fields of expertise.

Jeremie Berrebi

Financial Advisor

Jeremie Berrebi is the founder of Magical Capital (2015), an investment house with a specific focus on High Tech companies all over the world. Prior to create Magical Capital, Jeremie co-founded Kima Ventures in 2010 with the self-made billionaire founder of Free, Xavier Niel, France’s biggest independent ISP.

Simon Eischen

Lead advisor

Simon is a co-founder and managing partner at Scalene Partners, an independent fundraising boutique located in Paris. All founders have previously worked at Rothschild & Cie as members of the Global Financial Advisory team, specializing in large capitalization M&A operations.

Kramer Levin

Legal advisor

Partner at an American law firm, Hubert de Vauplane has worked for more than 30 years in the banking and financial sector, both as counsel and as a trader. Before becoming a member of the Paris Bar in September 2011, he was the Legal Manager of the financing and investment business at BNP Paribas, then the Legal and Compliance Manager at Crédit Agricole.

Marc Kenigsberg

Blockchain and ico advisor

Marc is an advocate for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and a strong believer in technology’s ability to improve the world. Marc is the founder of BitcoinChaser.com, and is a bitcoin enthusiast since 2013, he also operates various Bitcoin websites and projects.

Ali Kassab


Throughout his 20-year career in telecoms, Mr. Ali Kassab has been a tireless innovator and technology enthusiast. His early experiences at Orange, Orascom and Ooredoo shaped his later business ventures – including international sales, ICT, blockchain and advisory services – in the Middle East.

Tetsuyuki Oishi

Blockchain and ICO pioneer

Testuyuki is one of the most influential pioneer in the Japanese Bitcoin community with over 37,000 followers on Twitter. His blog (doublehash.me) has become the most popular Bitcoin blog in Japan.